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Party Planning || Kurtbastian  

Kurt was excited about going out with Sebastian to make sure everything was ready for the party on Friday. He was glad he brought a lot of his clothes to the dorms when he moved in. Kurt had been lounging around his dorm in his pajamas, but when Sebastian asked if he wanted to go out, he quickly hopped up to look in his closet for something to wear. After deliberating for a few minutes, he decided on dark gray skinny jeans, black Doc Martens, and a patterned button down shirt.

He didn’t know what to expect from the outing with Sebastian. Kurt didn’t really know what they were going to be getting for the party or what they even had to do to make sure everything got set up. All he knew was that he wanted to hang out with Sebastian alone. Something about the other boy really stuck in Kurt’s mind. Sebastian was infuriating and he called him ‘Princess,’ and he got drunk often, from what he noticed the other day. Still, he really was starting to think that though Sebastian put on this front, he wasn’t such a bad guy. Kurt wanted to get to know him better.

So, he waited in his dorm for Sebastian to come down to meet him because he didn’t know where the other boy parked his car, and it would be weird to go looking for it.

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    Sebastian shrugged and nodded once, leaving a rather bored expression on his face. “To each his own, I suppose.” He...
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    Kurt was surprised that Sebastian listened to him and stopped talking about his sex life. Kurt paused for a moment when...